Currently, our crew service system consists of 12 main modules:

  • Crew
  • Personnel details, personnel reports, interview, training, checklist
  • Permissioning
  • Data access rules
  • Crew Status
  • Actual list of crew on board, safe manning requirements
  • Crew Change
  • Crew change arrangements
  • Vessels
  • Vessel details, communication systems
  • Planning
  • Future crew changes
  • Agents
  • Agent details and contact numbers
  • Statistics
  • Statistical information about data stored in the system
  • Wages
  • Wages scales management
  • Users
  • System permissions
  • Tracelog
  • Users activity trace
  • Shore
  • Shore employees management


    C-IT Systems entered Offshore business!
    Our system has been chosen by Hartmann-Offshore company as a main crewing system for all offices. Vessel part of the system will be installed on board of all Vessels and will be connected directly to main database centre very soon.