The key product: Crew Service - Personnel Management System. Every ship operator with an expansive company structure and employing both seamen, often from all over the world, and land personnel, needs a system that provides fast access to all data from any part of the world. Our software guarantees such possibilities also for mobile computers, which with Internet access enable on-going modifications in the system. Complete mobility of the software facilitates operations in many sectors of a shipping company, starting from the personnel department, through the technical and accounting departments, to other cells that can require such access.


The software structure is built on a framework, which gives rich possibilities of the software expansion, depending on the needs of the Client. Such expansion can be tailored by the Clients and adapted to their individual needs.


C-IT Systems entered Offshore business!
Our system has been chosen by Hartmann-Offshore company as a main crewing system for all offices. Vessel part of the system will be installed on board of all Vessels and will be connected directly to main database centre very soon.